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Social Justice & Change Through Training and Conversation 

Our Approach

Hi, I'm Stephaine.

Stephaine Courtney, M.Ed. 

Trainer and Developer

Stephaine Courtney is the executive director of The Learning Project Network, an organization dedicated to social justice issues. Courtney has over 20 years of experience in early childhood education and has a Master’s in Education. We are dedicated to learning about issues that impact children, families, and communities to help start conversations that lead to solutions. We believe that through storytelling and peer supports individuals can better understand how experiences lead to outcomes.

Stephaine has trained over 1,000 early childhood educators in Washington State to help them implement high-quality strategies and to understand what it means to be a change agent in the community. She is also a podcaster shedding light on important topics such as leadership, high turnovers, maternal health, and educational technology.

Her current project has been very instrumental in learning about peer supports in the maternal health field entitled “Girl get a Doula.” This project was birthed out of her own experience of seven years of infertility, two miscarriages, and one live birth. Through her podcasting and e-book that she is developing, she has learned how critical peer support is to a person’s journey when advocating for their own health and wellness during different parts of a birthing person’s journey. Her motto is “Stay curious and never stop learning.”

Because the solutions to many problems are right in front of us.

Education & Certifications

WA State Certified Trainer

Google Educator Certified

Google Educator Certified

Early Childhood Education Game Changer

"The aim of education is growth:

The aim of growth is more growth."

-John Dewey


Teachers Trained


Years of Experience


Hours of coaching with educators

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